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Just an update!

Hey guys! Been busy as always, and I’m not the type of personality that likes to blog all day every day, soooo… yeah. There’s cars to fix and a house to work on and pictures to take and video games to play and car meets to go to and a million other things.   Ok […]

Recuperation Complete!

Well everyone, I’m back from Zdayz and all rested up and the car made the whole trip without crashing or breaking so I call that a win. If you don’t know what Zdayz is, check out or youtube it. It’s the most fun I have all year long, and the wife and I go […]

Hello world!

Hey guys! Soooo this is my first post on my new site. I’m super stoked. I’ve never built a site before, and this one drove me nuts. I had no idea what I was doing. Luckily I have friends that are smarter than me that could help me figure out what I was doing wrong. […]